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Why Rugs and Not Wall-to-Wall Carpets

08/05/2014 Back To Blog

Nothing feels like a soft pile of carpets. The thicker, the better! Today, there are a million choices among different kinds of carpets in regard to their size, thickness, strengths and colors and there are some machine-made and some handmade ones. The choices are plenty for all premises, tastes and requirements. The question is which ones are best for your home. There is no doubt that wall-to-wall carpets will make your house look larger and depending on their thickness, they will be excellent for thermal and sound proofing. There is also no doubt about the means for effective carpet cleaning and good maintenance. On the other hand, what happens in case of water damage? How easy would it be to restore the damage and avoid mold expansion and serious health problems in the family?

Rugs can be handled easier

Why Rugs and Not Wall-to-Wall CarpetsMildew inspection would be easier and far more effective with rugs because you will have the chance to check the condition of the rug on both sides whereas wall-to-wall carpets are usually glued on the floor. In this case, flood damage restoration would be much harder with carpets and if the problem is extended, you may need to replace a large part of it and this would mean unexpected expenses. Rugs are much easier to be handled since they can be carried out and treated accordingly.

As an overall and despite the fact that handmade oriental rugs demand careful cleaning, maintenance treatments will be easier. Rugs can be carried out, where you can beat them and leave them for a few hours in the fresh air for better ventilation and, in this context and according to the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Irvine, the whole procedure of rug cleaning will be more effective. Today, some wall-to-wall carpets are made by natural materials and this means that they are more expensive and probable problems which would require their replacement would hurt enormously your wallet. Besides, rugs are more elegant and can be moved to different parts of the house giving you the chance to change decoration. They can be stored and if maintained properly they can last literally forever.

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