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Pet Hair Cleaning

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While dogs shed the most hair in the spring and fall, cats tend to shed small amounts daily. The fine hairs get stuck everywhere and increase the risk of allergies. Don’t put up with this situation, take action right away.

Pet Hair Cleaning in California

House Carpet Cleaning

Your pet uses the carpet as much as everyone else in your family and possibly more. That is why it collects a considerable amount of hair. Deep cleaning will remove it along with dust, dirt and pet dandruff, which is also a potent allergen. All hairs and particles are extracted powerfully yet gently. The settings of the equipment are precisely adjusted in line with the make, pile height, weave and dye to ensure that the cleaning is safe in addition to being effective. After a short drying time, the carpet will look and feel like new. It will make the indoor environment healthier too.

Stain and Odor Removal

Sometimes, even mature cats and dogs may do their business on the floor as a result of an accident or illness. Washing the section with water and soap may not remove all the chemical compounds which cause damage, coloring and bad odor. That is why all pet stains require special treatment just like the hair stuck in the pile. With safe and potent eco-friendly products and the right application technique, all the problematic compounds will be removed from the fibers for good.

Rug Cleaning

There are notable differences between the techniques for cleaning carpets and rugs, especially when it comes to removing pet hair and stains. Since rugs tend to be more delicate, they require a gentler and more attentive approach. The choice of cleaning material depends on the instructions of the item’s manufacturer. Testing the cleaner is essential just like taking special measures to protect the fringe.

You want to leave pet hair cleaning to professionals to get the best result? Let us do the job perfectly in little time. We at Carpet Cleaning Irvine work with all types of carpet, rugs and upholstery.

Count on us to remove not only hair, but also dust, dirt, stains and odor. To use our services, call us or leave a message.

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