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Water Damage Restoration

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Make your property a safe and comfortable place once again by using our water damage restoration service. It does not matter how small or large the affected area is or how serious the damage is.Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration by Experienced Specialists

It is truly shocking to see water all over the place, getting absorbed into all porous surfaces. The most important thing in this situation is not to panic. Calm down and reach us without delay. Expect timely emergency response and servicing. You will receive all the help that you need super quickly. All of our team members are fully equipped to do any flood cleanup job regardless of its size and level of complexity.

The restoration process begins with inspection and assessment of the affected items. The technician will determine the size of the water damage and whether there are accompanying problems such as mold growth. This makes is possible for the most effective method for restoration to be selected. The make and age of the items will also be taken into consideration.

Our technician will start the water extraction process right after the initial inspection. At "Carpet Cleaning Irvine", we use the best tools and products for the job. All traces of water are completely removed. In this way, future damage to the items will be effectively prevented.

The previous condition of the items damaged by water is restored fully with cleaning. The most effective technique is selected based on the specifics of the damage and of the material which the respective item is made from. For carpet cleaning, for instance, we use equipment and products designed to extract dirt from the fibers and to restore their texture and volume. After the work is done, the carpets will be as soft and smooth and before. You will love how bright and fresh the colors are after we finish the job!

When mold has grown on the items soaked with water, it will be eliminated as part of the cleaning process. Our products for mold removal are potent and completely safe for all inhabitants of the property and for the environment as well. You should not expect them to cause any discomfort to anyone. With proper sanitizing, the risk of future mold and bacterial growth is practically eliminated. This is how the restoration process is completed.

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