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Everything you need to know about proper carpet care is in the FAQs below.

This Frequently Asked Questions page is meant to share quality, reliable information that comes directly from carpet cleaning experts. If you have been longing for the right answers, then this is where you should be. Come back regularly and you will learn more about the latest updates.

How can I be sure the colors of carpets are strong?

Many consumers are afraid to use even ecofriendly products for carpet cleaning. They fear about intense discolorations or affecting the colors of carpets. Specialists of Carpet Cleaning Irvine insist on trying detergents before you use them. Clean just a small part of the corner of the carpets to see if the colors are affected. You should be very careful with handmade rugs because it is natural colors that fade away quicker.

How to remove pet dirt from carpets?

Pets can really make a mess on carpets. Dirt and urination would also affect your health and they must be cleaned immediately. Remove excessive dirt with paper towels. Clean the area with a solution of dish liquid and water. Repeat carpet cleaning with a mixture of water with vinegar, which is perfect for odor removal. Keep the windows open during the procedures and wash your hands many times in between to avoid spreading germs.

I bought a new carpet cleaning product, how can I tell if it’s safe?

Normally, you would be able to test whether or not a cleaning agent is good for your carpet by applying the agent to an older carpet and taking note of the results. However if you have none to use, simply try it on a very small area of your carpet.

Will it take the carpet cleaners a whole day to do their job?

Depending on the size of your carpet, the cleaning process can take as short as a couple of hours to as long as half a day. However, it is not the cleaning time that you should take note of but the drying time too.

How bad are gravy spills on carpets?

The problem with these stains comes from the fact that they contain oil. The brown color is actually not something to worry about. Hence, the most important thing that has to be done when there is a need for dealing with such stains is to absorb the oil. This can be achieved with talcum powder which is not colored. Ideally, it should not contain fragrances either.

Which foods leave the worst carpet stains?

Sauces, especially the brightly colored ones like tomato sauce, are the biggest culprits. Mustard isn’t far behind. Chocolate is difficult to remove too since it melts down and into the pile very quickly. If someone steps on chips fallen on the floor or drops a piece of candy, this can also cause a serious problem.

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