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The town of Irvine in California is what you could call a successful city, homing corporations, schools of really good standard and good jobs and outstanding housing facilities. It is known to be one of the best places to live in the United States. Our company, Carpet Cleaning Services Irvine, is set in this beautiful suburban city to serve businesses and residents alike. Our Carpet Cleaning Service encompasses the full range of services that you could expect from a quality cleaning company.

Offering more than just Carpet Cleaning ServicesCarpet Cleaning Services

we also offer to clean your sofas, clean up water damage and restore what can be restored after such an unlucky event. We also specialise in residential carpet cleaning for all kinds of upholstery and rugs, as well as curtains and mattresses. As you can see, the materials we offer to clean and freshen up are all quite similar in their makeup, consisting of fibres, fabric and maybe also polyester filling.

Our Techniques Kill the Microorganisms

Our upholstery steam clean service is especially efficient and will not only clean all your upholstered surfaces such as sofas and bedsteads but will also considerably freshen it up. This is possible because the steam kills microorganisms that might be sitting on top of the surfaces, being attracted by sweat, dead skin flakes and crumbs that inevitably gather on the furniture. Our professional carpet cleaning procedures are sure to eliminate stains, odors as well as microbes that might be found on your furniture. They will look as good as new after the cleanup and smell really fresh.

Our Sofa Cleaning service makes use of top of the art equipment and stain removers specific to your type of material so that it never will damage your settee or armchair. It is not unusual that after a few years of usage, sofas, especially upholstered ones, gradually gather odors. Inhabitants of the household will more often than not fail to notice that odor. We have the solution to all your cleaning needs and when we clean your sofas, we will also offer to tackle any lingering unattractive odor that might come from your furniture.

Why Risk your Toddlers with Particles and Dusts on  your Sofas and Upholsteries?

Carpets are very handy to have, especially when you have toddlers running around and falling over several times a day. Carpets are softer than hard flooring and can be easy on their soft skin when they stumble. These same toddlers spill drinks, food and soil the carpet. Of course, you clean everyday and thus it should be reasonably clean. However, day by day, there is a certain amount of particles and dust that gathers in between the fibers that are not easily detachable by the vacuum cleaners used at home. Our powerful shampooers and cleaners will get rid of that accumulated dirt and once we finish, you will be astounded by how much paler and cleaner the carpet looks.

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